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Percy Grainger

[Burnett] Cross-Grainger Experimental Instrument for playing Grainger's Free Music: Oscillator Playing Tone-Tool, 1st Experiment


Watercolour; unsigned

Grainger Museum Collection

Parts of Machine (from bottom left of drawing, going clockwise)


Sewing machine piston, going up & down, raises & lowers revolving drill handle, which turns drill shaft which is fixed to oscillator knob, making oscillator play higher & lower tones.

Hand Drill Handle

Hand Drill revolving handle.

Oscillator Knob


Oscillator [codemaster], range 3 octaves.

Hand Drill

Hand-drill, the grasping end of which clasps the knob of the oscillator & turns it, making it play high & low tones.

Sewing Machine

Sewing machine wheel, turning which raises & lowers piston at other end of sewing machine, which piston raises & lowers the handle of the hand-drill, etc.

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